Friday, 7 January 2011

The tweet that revealed this person's character [....or lack of it]

Actor Ranvir Shorey addressing a woman on Twitter. Also known to voice solidarity with entities who espouse cause of dismembering India.

Following the immense swell of outrage directed towards the above mentioned individual, he has since made his account private blocking access to view his tweets.

Whatever the provocation, his response to the lady involved is highly unbecoming of media personality that he is & reveals his true self - that of a male chauvinistic pig, resorting to hurling sexual allegations & abuses towards a woman, when failed to come up with a response based on reason & rationality.

The individual has earlier had run-ins with the law for similar abusive & violent behavior with his ex-girlfriend & her brother, who came to his sister's rescue, when her well-being was being threatened by him  when under the influence of alcohol.

The report of his abusive behaviour

The brawl between Bhatt and Shorey followed after Shorey, under the influence of alcohol, allegedly assaulted Bhatt’s sister, actress Pooja Bhatt. The incident occurred past midnight on Sunday, when Shorey arrived at the Bhatt residence in Bandra. ‘‘He came in with a bottle of wine, he was completely drunk. He continued drinking and I asked him to stop. I snatched the bottle from him and that’s what angered him,’’ said Pooja. ‘‘He pushed me and hit me on the face,’’ she added.

Shorey, a friend of the actress, was told to leave. ‘‘My brother went downstairs to ensure that he wouldn’t return. That’s where violence erupted between the two,’’

....Pooja has reportedly filed a complaint with the Bandra police regarding Shorey’s behaviour, after she returned from Lilavati. ‘‘I informed police that Ranvir assaulted me before anything else happened. I even went to Bhabha Hospital and showed them my wounds,’’ she said.

there have been other instances when Shorey had ‘‘created a scene’’ under the influence of alcohol. ‘‘He is a wonderful person by day. But alcohol turns him into a demon. I tried to make him see that but he couldn’t take it. He is just going around playing victim because he is not man enough to accept his weakness,’’ she said.

Shorey was not available for comment.

‘Brawl’: Mahesh Bhatt’s son held

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