Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tables turned! Indian Babus to dance themselves, instead of making others dance to their tunes

"COME February 27, Indian bureaucrats will sing and dance, quite literally. The Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Board is organizing music, dance and short play competitions to be held in New Delhi’s Mavlankar Auditorium between February 27 and March 1. And for Central government employees, it’s a chance to think beyond sarkari files and display their talents as singers, dancers and actors. If a bureaucrat wants to perform a solo music or dance, the entry fee is just Rs 10. The entry is open till February 22.

A circular dated February 9 has been sent to the welfare officers of all Central government ministries and departments. Casual employees working as consultants in various ministries are however not eligible for the competition.

If you know any bureaucrat with outstanding talent in singing or dancing, do send a mail to feedback@babusofindia.com"

Dance Babu Dance: Indian bureaucrats to compete for best dancer, best singer titles

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